Halibut Trip Information

Halibut season opener is May 1 and the fishery is open 7 days per week until the quota is caught.  We will often travel well offshore to prime spots in deeper water.

We are booking halibut trips now for the 2024 season.

Our halibut trips are long days as we will usually travel into deeper water to find these delicious flatfish.  Often we will be 15 miles or more from the harbor so be prepared for a long day on the water.  These fish like deep, cold water so be prepared to get a good workout grinding them up from the bottom, especially if you hook into a big one!

Most Oregon halibut will be less than 30 lbs, but its not uncommon to catch 40 lb halibut and every year there are fish in the 60+ lb range taken.  Although halibut can grow to enormous sizes, its common opinion among fishermen that the smaller fish – less than 40 lbs – make the best table fare as the older and bigger a halibut get, the tougher the meat becomes. 

Halibut – $350 per person

            Book the boat, up to 6 people – $1800

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