Albacore Trip Information

Albacore tuna trips are highly dependent on the ocean conditions.  The tuna show up when the ocean conditions are right for their food. Usually this happens sometime in July and they can be available into October if conditions hold. 

We are booking albacore trips now for late July/early August through the end of the season.

Albacore Tuna off the Oregon Coast are young fish between 1-3 years old. Our albacore are swimming in a counter clockwise direction through the North Pacific Ocean. When they pass by us in the late summer they are heading from south to north and eventually will end up off the coast of Japan to spawn. Since they are young fish they are smaller, from 10 – 30 lbs, and HUNGRY! Finding the tuna is all about finding their food; find their food and we will find the fish. Finding their food is about finding good water temperatures, chlorophyl levels, current breaks, and more.  

We use several techniques to catch our tuna including trolling, vertical jigging, casting swimbaits/small jigs, etc.  If you’ve never had a tuna on the line its an experience you wont forget.  Tuna trips are long days; often we will fish 50 miles off the coast! 

Albacore – Book the boat, up to 5 people – $2000


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