What to Bring

1. Great Attitude

We really believe that positive energy leads to great fishing. We will do everything we can to get you on the fish and fill your coolers.  Usually the ocean cooperates, but sometimes its tough sledding putting fish in the boat.  The best fishermen enjoy their days on the water regardless; a full freezer is the bonus!

2. Fishing license and appropriate harvest tags 

We wont leave the dock without checking everyone’s licenses first. 

Lingcod/Rockfish – requires an angling license

Halibut Fishing – requires an angling license AND a combined angling tag.

Salmon Fishing – requires an angling license AND a combined angling tag.

Albacore Fishing – requires an angling license

Crabbing – requires a shellfish license

ODFW link to buy license/tag  

Note: if you buy a one, two, or three day angling license, the license includes the combined angling tag. If you buy an annual angling license, then a separate combined angling tag is required to fish for salmon, steelhead, halibut, or sturgeon.

3. Clothing

Dressing properly is an important factor in a fun day on the ocean. Weather off the Oregon coast can change dramatically in a short period of time and throughout the day.  It is best to dress in layers with waterproof or water resistant outer layers. Wool or synthetic base/under layers are best. Hats and sunglasses are strongly recommended too. 

Also, we strongly encourage that you bring a complete change of clothes to leave in your vehicle. 

Please give us a call if you’re not sure what to wear or have any questions.

4. Food and Drinks

Please pack snacks, a lunch, and drinks.  Remember, being on the water can really dehydrate so bring plenty of water

5. Coolers

Make sure to bring a large cooler to leave in your vehicle to keep your catch cold on the way home. 

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